Chatroulette equivalent? similar sites?

Chatroulette was the first to launch this concept of random video chat. However, the Internet is now full of similar sites, which have almost the same functionality as him without the discomfort caused by most of its users who are often men in need of physical contact.

Find here 8 sites similar to Chatroulette.


It’s a faithful representation of Chatroulette, but with more moderation. So everyone can chat with strangers randomly without any problem.

Emerald Chat

Emerald Chat is the version of Chatroulette for the French. It allows you to meet people, but here you have to define the kind of meeting you want, because it will not be an encounter like in a classic site.


Omegle – is where the rejects of Chatroulette meet to continue their activities. Get ready to see images that you will not be able to remove from your head by opening this site.


Duocam is Chatroulette without advertising and easier to use. Its users are mostly Europeans. It must be said that he is less pork with the Americans in less.


On Airtime, you must connect via Facebook. It works like Chatroulette, but with the functionality of like. It’s just like FaceRoulette.


Rounds makes it even simpler as an extension to install on Facebook. Basically, it allows you to see the reaction of the other by watching a video on YouTube for example.


Tinychat is above all a forum of discussions by text. It also incorporates the same concept as Chatroulette, but organized in several rooms (chat room).


On Zupyo, there is no moderation either. However, the unpopularity of the site plays in our favor by naturally excluding sexual predators of all kinds. In addition, it offers a system of compatibility by keywords or centers of common interest.