Promote an App After it is Published on App Store and Play Store

Optimizing the positioning of your application on the blinds is essential for mobile users to find and download. However, you only have one description page dedicated to your product on the store, and this may not be enough to distinguish you from the competition. Consider implementing a mobile marketing strategy to promote your app once it has been published.

A lack of visibility

First, it is important to understand that, if an application has not had many downloads, it does not necessarily mean that it is bad or uninteresting for mobile users. The problem may lie in its low visibility in the market. There are over 1 million apps on the App Store and over 2 million on Google Play. So it’s quite normal if mobile users do not download your app; perhaps they have never noticed it, because a search by category or by keyword offers them a multitude of results. To this lack of visibility, there is only one antidote: communication. To promote an app, you have to talk to your target audience.

What to do before publishing my app

Before downloading your application, the user will necessarily pass through the page dedicated to him on the store and, even if someone had advised him to install it, he will most likely look at his data sheet. It is already here that it will make a first impression of your product, so put all the chances on your side, and do not forget to take care of the essential elements, in particular:

The name of your application. Bold, innovative, memorable or why not shocking. It takes a name that will allow your application to stand out.
The icon. It should be simple, with not too many colors and especially have a link with the content of the app to allow the user to identify quickly on the screen of his smartphone. For more tips on icon creation, you can read this article.
Screenshot. Make sure to choose the ones that illustrate the great features of your app and highlight its design. You can also create a video tutorial to help potential users understand how the application works.

Tips for promoting an app after it’s published

Once a mobile application is published on the stores, it is still necessary to work on the promotional aspects of your project. It is a real mission that will require a lot of time and effort. Indeed, for the marketing strategy to bear fruit, it is not enough to once inform your target audience about the existence of your application but constantly communicate around it. You can consider:

Promote it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Others, like LinkedIn or Pinterest, may also be relevant, even if they do not have the same reach. Locate only groups that might be interested in your application. There is no point in posting anywhere and everywhere, the goal being to reach only potential users of your app.
Talk about it in the media and specialized blogs to make it known to the general public. A positive influencer review will encourage readers to download your app and at least try it.
Publish a press release. For example, take a look at one of our articles to find out how to write an effective press release to promote an app.

Experience shows that to optimize the marketing strategy, it is better to use several methods, so do not hesitate to implement all the points mentioned above.